Why he matters- HALSTON !

  He is one of Americas first fashion designers. Creating a line that was pure art, and crossing over to European markets. Halston is the first of many things. Halston began his career designing hats but his dresses are what caught every ones attention with their simple yet elegant designs Attracting high end consumers such as Rita Hayworth, Liza Minnelli,Marlene Dietrich and Diana Vreeland.Halston is said to be the first designer to fully license himself as a brand onto itself, creating an affordable j.c penny line and  a legendery perfume line .Halston most notable achievement includes introducing the ultresued ( type of fabric ) and the halter dress.


  1. Loving this feature! I've always loved reading Fashion History & the history of American culture. It's amazing to me how although these pictures were taken (what feels like) eons ago, they're still so timeless! And the women are gorgeous!

    Needless to say, I'd wear it all ;].


  2. Absolutely ! It amazing how talented he was and like so many others his work never receives the praise or recognizion