All things vintage - Breakfast at tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's, the movie that spoke to generations and epitomized the glamour of what was the 1960s. Its often noted as one of the most fashionable film of all time . Holly  Golightly the films Protagonist played by Audrey Hepburn strutted the streets of New York in timeless pieces curated by Givenchy. Her elegance demeanor and ability to turn a simple black dress into a walk of art captivated the hearts of many women who dreamed of a owning her wardrobe.

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Fall 2013 Fashion

I find that as the years go by the more I dread the three months that are summer. Every year it’s the same I anticipate the summer months then BOOM right in the middle of July I yarn for the comfort of the fall to somehow release me from the heat waves that I am trapped in . There is just something about the different layers and textures of autumn that excites me. Fall 2013 is filled with possibilities from oversized trousers to funky furs this is the year for experiment!

Is gender neutrality fashion's future ?

  As the world become more acceptance of different sexual orientations, the barriers that once separated masculine and feminine are being broken and a vast majority of men and women are now borrowing from one an other. Androgyny is a term that is used to describe someone that is neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance.
   Over the course of the last few years a widespread of androgynous acts have taking center stage in the worlds of art, music, and most notably fashion.  Model Andrej Pejic walked both the men's and women's shows for Jean-Paul Gaultier and the men's shows for Marc Jacobs. Fashion houses like Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Alexander Wang and Victor & Rolf have also put their take in the trend, by creating sporty chic look for some of today's most stylish women. They incorporated masculine shapes and silhouettes while retaining some feminine-like shape and structure by mixing traditional women's wear with masculine accents - think over sized button ups with full skirts or even gowns paired with sporty accessories.
  Though an extensive amount of Gender neutrality is being marketed to us today, the "trend" has been around longer than most of us been alive.The 80's for instance were more than just big hair and atrocious eye shadow,the decade introduced us to the likes of David Bowie and Prince both of whom were extremely androgynous acts of their day and used clothes as a way to express their individuality. During the infamous YSL era of the 60's  the stylish women of that day were out sporting pantsuits and getting in tuned with their masculine side.Centuries before that during medieval times elite and powerful men wore heels as a sign of distinction from the poor. The logic behind it was only someone who didn't have to work could possibly go around in such impractical footwear. Today we see men like Kanye West who sported a leather skirt during the 12-12-12 concert and new comer A$AP rocky who incorporates high end women pieces with street wear. Modern style mavens like Alexa Chung, Jenna Lyons and, Rihanna are nutritious for  amalgamating everyday men's wear with feminine pieces.

Trend report- fun furs

From the runway to the closest of our favorite fashion mavans, fur is slowly but surely becoming the new black and a fashion essential.  For fall 2013 fashion houses like fendi and Gucci gave the classic trend a twist by adding colors and/or patterns  giving it an electric feel that is sure to bring the dull months of  autumn alive. The trend is already spreading like wildfire amongst fashionistas who are incorporating their own take on it.

Lookbook: 'Virgos Lounge' playing with colors for spring/summer 2013

  London based fashion house Virgo's Lounge  released their 2013 spring/summer collection, serving us with a safari theme filled with sliver /gold mealics, bedazzled florals and lace. The line is fun and extremely wearable, consisting of electric blazers and maxi skirts that are sure to be a summer favorite amongst fashionista.

New faces - Estelle Dévé

  French born jewelry designer Estelle Dévé is making quit a name for herself. Since Launching her jewelry line in  2008, Dévé has been featured in editorals such as ELLE Singapore, Vogue Australia, Oyster, Nylon Japan, YEN and RUSSH, and major online sites  like Another, The Daily Mail, and The Guardian.

    Dévé approach at jewelry making is not only a breath of fresh air but its quit impressive, she is giving statement jewelries a whole new look by blending classic pieces with sci-fi inspired aesthetic mixed with hints of retro archetypes. Her creations are eyecatching and intriguing with reminisces of prestigious historical eras. Dévé has an eye for style which is not only evident in her collection but her day to day choices.

   Though  Dévé doesn't mind taking risk with her creations when it comes to her personal style she tends to play it safe, avoiding trends and staying comfortable with classic pieces. Her daily wear consist of blue jeans and tshirt paired with gold statement jewleries that bring life to her outfifs.

5 tips to help you successfully thrift

Thrifting, the one thing that fashion girls and hipster have in common. But,  As exciting as it is, it can also be extremely overwhelming . To help save you some trouble I created a list of five tips to help you thrift successfully!

Check out my tips below 

1-go alone
When thrifting you must be extremely attentive, so going with a buddy might be a distraction
Thrift shops are usually very organized, but its impossible for employees to keep everything in order. So go ahead and look through the racks of ugly dresses and abandoned Christmas sweaters.
3-Try everything on
Unlike department stores there is only one of each so, if something doesn't fit you can't ask for a different size
Thrift stores are extremely cheap so don't hesitate to tore apart your finds to create something new
5-Keep an open mind
Thrifting is suppose to be fun, you might not find everything you are looking for, but enjoy the experience!

The importance fashion

  We live in an artistic world and fashion is one of the many forms of art that is avalible to us, but  far too often its labeled as a form of vainty rather than self expression.

  Though clothing is a necessity, critics alike have been pointing fingers at the fashion industry  for some time now claiming it promotes false standards of beauty and self indulgence. While, there is some truth to those notions fashion also has its positive aspects that are often not mentioned .
  Fashion employs millions of people around the globe .The industry is perhaps the only one of its kind that welcomes women and gay men with open arms giving them the power to run the creative aspects of it.

  From design production, sales, and even photography the fashion industry has contributed to the worlds economy greatly.The Chinense spends $150 billion on clothing, or 1.6% of GDP.[1] which is  $112 per person. On average,  France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US spends $1,150 per capita on clothing, or 2.6% of GDP. Global GDP in 2008 was $61 trillion, which is  2% of its GDP on clothing.

  As heart wrenching as it maybe  a majority of us won't ever walk the red carpet in that Alexander McQueen gown or feel the warm sensation of that  cashmere chanel sweater against our skin. But, fashion is more than just labels and price tags its the oldest  form of self expression and as human beings we long for the feeling of acceptance and beauty that fashion offers us.

   Fashion  is not meant to damage our self esteems or create false perspection of beauty the goal is to simply provide clothing that boast our confidence all while giving us the power to introduce ourselves to society without speaking. It expresses our identity and culture by showing our own combination of walking art. Designers,  make clothes off of their own inspiration, and our imagination makes the rest.

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