The importance fashion

  We live in an artistic world and fashion is one of the many forms of art that is avalible to us, but  far too often its labeled as a form of vainty rather than self expression.

  Though clothing is a necessity, critics alike have been pointing fingers at the fashion industry  for some time now claiming it promotes false standards of beauty and self indulgence. While, there is some truth to those notions fashion also has its positive aspects that are often not mentioned .
  Fashion employs millions of people around the globe .The industry is perhaps the only one of its kind that welcomes women and gay men with open arms giving them the power to run the creative aspects of it.

  From design production, sales, and even photography the fashion industry has contributed to the worlds economy greatly.The Chinense spends $150 billion on clothing, or 1.6% of GDP.[1] which is  $112 per person. On average,  France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US spends $1,150 per capita on clothing, or 2.6% of GDP. Global GDP in 2008 was $61 trillion, which is  2% of its GDP on clothing.

  As heart wrenching as it maybe  a majority of us won't ever walk the red carpet in that Alexander McQueen gown or feel the warm sensation of that  cashmere chanel sweater against our skin. But, fashion is more than just labels and price tags its the oldest  form of self expression and as human beings we long for the feeling of acceptance and beauty that fashion offers us.

   Fashion  is not meant to damage our self esteems or create false perspection of beauty the goal is to simply provide clothing that boast our confidence all while giving us the power to introduce ourselves to society without speaking. It expresses our identity and culture by showing our own combination of walking art. Designers,  make clothes off of their own inspiration, and our imagination makes the rest.


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