5 tips to help you successfully thrift

Thrifting, the one thing that fashion girls and hipster have in common. But,  As exciting as it is, it can also be extremely overwhelming . To help save you some trouble I created a list of five tips to help you thrift successfully!

Check out my tips below 

1-go alone
When thrifting you must be extremely attentive, so going with a buddy might be a distraction
Thrift shops are usually very organized, but its impossible for employees to keep everything in order. So go ahead and look through the racks of ugly dresses and abandoned Christmas sweaters.
3-Try everything on
Unlike department stores there is only one of each so, if something doesn't fit you can't ask for a different size
Thrift stores are extremely cheap so don't hesitate to tore apart your finds to create something new
5-Keep an open mind
Thrifting is suppose to be fun, you might not find everything you are looking for, but enjoy the experience!

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