New faces - Estelle Dévé

  French born jewelry designer Estelle Dévé is making quit a name for herself. Since Launching her jewelry line in  2008, Dévé has been featured in editorals such as ELLE Singapore, Vogue Australia, Oyster, Nylon Japan, YEN and RUSSH, and major online sites  like Another, The Daily Mail, and The Guardian.

    Dévé approach at jewelry making is not only a breath of fresh air but its quit impressive, she is giving statement jewelries a whole new look by blending classic pieces with sci-fi inspired aesthetic mixed with hints of retro archetypes. Her creations are eyecatching and intriguing with reminisces of prestigious historical eras. Dévé has an eye for style which is not only evident in her collection but her day to day choices.

   Though  Dévé doesn't mind taking risk with her creations when it comes to her personal style she tends to play it safe, avoiding trends and staying comfortable with classic pieces. Her daily wear consist of blue jeans and tshirt paired with gold statement jewleries that bring life to her outfifs.

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