Is school need to succeed in fashion ?

   A wise man once told me that in order to suceed in something one must know every single aspect of that craft. We all have heard about the singing waitresses or the starving artist, who have big dreams that they cant seem to morph into reality.The same goes for fashion designer who is working dead end jobs and dreaming of the day when her designs would finally come to life.

   In an era where creativity is dying out and fast fashion is being thrown down our throats and, into our closets the risk that one take when they choose to be a designer is extremely high.

  A very small percentage of up and coming designer actually make it big.  Most designers go to school for fashion to simply nurture their skill and learn the business aspect of it.Schools like fashion institute of technology is geared towards students who are interested in the field, but sucess isnt promised. Fashion is infact an exciting field to get into but it is also very scary. Being able to draw and sew are only a few of the requirements. You must have skin thicke as leather in order to survive the constant criticism and raw talent that isnt fabricated with gimmicks .
   Learning every single aspects of it from its history to the business side of it is also extremely important. History plays a huge role in fashion.Most designers get their inspiration from events in the past from wars to political and cultural revolutions . It is also advised that designers keep a diary. The purpose of art is to give us a platform in which we are free to express what ever it is we are feeling. When your audience grasp the story you are trying to tell they feel a connection that leads them to wanting what ever it is you are selling.

  If you are an aspiring designer asking yourself day in and day out should I go to school ? Or should I  continue to work on my designs hoping to get my big break?  you first need to realize that their is a 50/50 success rate in both options but, the choice is ultimately up to you but keep in mind that designers such as McQueen, Galliano, Chalayan and S. McCartney went to school to peruse their dreams and ultimately succeed and others like Diane von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren , Kate Spade and Vera wang who skipped school  are the biggest names in fashion today.


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